Natalie Jassopadilla

I would like to tell you about my wife Natalie, she is a truck driver and has been working as a truck driver for a little over 4 years. Her stepfather and uncle are currently truck drivers, and her grandfather was a truck driver too; as a result she has always wanted to be a truck driver.

I admire that she strives to do her best at driving, but not only strives to do better she actually loves driving. She loves truck driving so much that we have talked about children and the mere thought of having to stop driving to have a child makes her sad. I believe that she is the most beautiful truck driver due to the love she has for driving. It’s not just the driving but the trucks that she admires.

Most of her life she has been around classic cars and now motorcycles but by far she would prefer to look at the trucks. She should be considered the most beautiful trucker not just because she is beautiful but for the admiration and determination she has towards truck driving.

She should be the most beautiful truck driver because she brings diversity as well, by this I mean she also has an M1. Having a motorcycle license with a commercial driving license and a gorgeous woman makes a diverse package. With all of these accomplishments I know she is a role model to other people, and not just to females to live your life to the fullest. If there are certain things you would like to accomplish, you shouldn’t let anything hold you back.

Now let me describe her to you a little. She is 5’6″ with hazel eyes. She is a brunette, which if you look up brunette in Google she portrays the example they use for brunette. If you were to look at her at certain angles she would appear to have green eyes. She also has several piercings and tattoos that compliment her beauty. She is friendly and down to earth, she will always tell you how she feels, especially if you are going to something wrong. While it’s impossible to be perfect, I know she strives to get as close as possible to perfection.

This is why I know she is the most beautiful trucker, and she officially deserves that title. Thank you for your consideration.

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Submitted by Oscar Jassopadilla, husband

Natalie Jassopadilla, company driver
La Mirada, California