Pam Cox

I’m a hard working fun lovin truck driver. I take everyday with the grab the bull by the horns attitude. i have a very strong work ethic and believe in service with a smile. Ive been in the industry for 26 years most of it I hauled cattle. I developed a strong work ethic early from my dad and granddad who were also truck drivers before their passings so I’m a 3rd generation truck driver and my son is a 4th generation truck driver who I’m as proud of as my dad was of me. I’ve earned respect from my fellow drivers by always doing my job and doing it with a positive attitude and always willing to lend a willing hand. and trust me being a female in the cattle hauling industry is a tough job on its own. So I pride myself on the fact that I can accomplish any challenge I’m given. My new job in the industry is pulling a specialized car carrier and I’m proud to say I have caught on to this fairly quickly as well and still have the service with a smile and positive attitude to go with it. I believe in always being pleasant and being willing to lend a willing hand to my fellow drivers or anybody who needs it.
I’ve had some pretty tough knocks in life but I’ve managed to always pick myself up dust myself off and march on and become a better person. This job is tough enough for one person but when you’re a single mom its even tougher. You learn how to spend quality time with your children and always put them first because you don’t have quantity time. But I’m proud to say both of my children turned out awesome. I’m proud of both of them. I’m proud of myself and what I have accomplished. I take pride in myself by doing my job to the fullest and not playing the weak female card. But at the same time if I need help I’m not ashamed to ask for it. I’m always willing to help out someone else also. I’m still very much a lady when it comes down to it with a big smile and I don’t take things for granted.

Submitted by Pam Cox, company driver
Amarillo, Texas