Chanele House

I’m pretty sure a lot of you have a friend or someone who is always there for you. Someone to encourage you, uplift you and make you feel better in times of need. Well that very special person to me is my mother, and I’m not just saying this either. She has continually been there for a handful of people through multiple trials and tribulations, and has never given up on me, even when we both were in catastrophic times. Not only that, but she also brings plenty of light to dark places in a majority of ways. One way being by cheering you up with her one of a kind smile, her tender care and love, and she’s always there to catch you when you fall. Her beauty doesn’t just illuminate from the outside, but it digs all the way down to her heart. Another very unique and ” jaw dropping” thing about my mother Chanele is that she is a driver at A&S Kinard Trucking Company. She’s on a dedicated account hauling hazardous materials every night from York, Pennsylvania to Carteret New Jersey. She lives with her loving family of three, her husband and two kids. And she repetitively brings lots of compassion and love into a lot of people lives, even if they dont know her. Now, how awesome is that? The thing that makes this review really anticipating, is the fact that you will be able to meet her if she is chosen.

Submitted by Deon Alston, son

There is no coincidence of my nomination of Chanele House as Overdrives’ Most Beautiful. Let’s make this clear, she’s not only my best friend, she’s my wife. Chanele’s elegance, grace, and her immovable spirit of love is what seperates her from all other contestants.

Chanele has been trucking up and down these roads full of ice, snow, slush, rain, and any other elemental and hazardous conditions known to man for 4 years. She has been accident and incident free, considering she’s JUST a woman. Ha, that makes me chuckle regularly. Her challenges are as pertinent as any male operator if not more. She has the drive, the fortitude, and dexterity to be crowned a veteran. She absolutely refuses to be denied and refuses to hear any utterances of what she cannot achieve. These characteristics speak in essence of Chanele. Her rapport with others is phenomenal. From offices warehouses, everyone loves Chanele. She vibrantly presents love and respect with whomever she comes in contact. Her presence is needed in a world of cut throating, selfishness, and hatred. She is truly a gift to all who encounter her warm and glowing smile.

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From the reasons stated in the above passage, I hope that you would agree to select Chanele as most beautiful trucker.

Submitted by Derik House, husband

Chanele House, company driver
York, Pennsylvania

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