Angelica Garcia-Dunn

Angelica is owner and active CEO of AIM Global Logistics and its affiliate companies. Angelica started her business on very little means, a $500 credit card all while being a single mother to two children. She opened AIM Global Logistics in 2009 and has expanded her business beyond anything she thought she could do. Angelica is a true entrepreneur and strives to push forward and move beyond her boundaries.

The main reason why I believe Angelica is a good candidate for Overdrive‘s Most Beautiful is because even though she has so much and works so hard she still makes time for her family, friends and is a truly understanding and giving person. She has created all of this success for herself but her first priority is always God, family and then career. She loves to help others and is a very giving and kind boss to all of her employees. She has done more for us than she really needs to and we would love to show her how we truly appreciate everything she has done. She is a beauty inside and out in so many ways.

Angelica Garcia-Dunn
Corpus Christi, Texas

Submitted by Tabitha Becker, employee

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