Jaclyn Chmelik

We would like to nominate Jaclyn Chmelik, company driver for Wayne Transport of Rosemount, Minnesota. Jaclyn has been driving truck for eight years, the last approximately four years at Wayne Transport. Per Chuck Finn of Mantorville, MN, who works with Jaclyn at Wayne Transport, Chuck says “As a professional driver who has been in the industry over 50 years, I have worked with Jaclyn and found her to be very professional, has good work ethics and knowledge of the industry.” Carl Veddars, president of Wayne Transport comments that “Jaclyn has worked almost four years with us in the oil and dry bulk divisions and does a great job. She is willing to do what we ask when we need the help. We value her as an employee.”

Owner-operator Mike Petricka of Kenyon, Minnesota, says “As a professional driver of 35 years, I feel that Jaclyn has done a great job breaking the mold that the public holds of a ‘trucker.’ She knew what she wanted and has accomplished that in the eight years she has been driving. Her dedication has earned her the right to belong to the “million mile club” with pride. Although I have never worked with her on a professional level, our paths have crossed and she always seems to be aware of her surroundings, friendly and outgoing. On a personal level, I have watched my niece grow into a wonderful person.”
As her parents, our only daughter is a very spirited, conscientious, willing to help others, determined soul. Jaclyn decided at a young age she wanted to drive truck. While finishing her degree for accounting at one technical college and working part time she put herself through night school at Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount, Minnesota, to drive truck. Once she turned 21 and graduated with her accounting degree she left the next day to go to Omaha, Nebraska, and started driving for Werner Enterprises. There she drove for over four years dedicated on the 3M account. While there she drove solo, graduated to driver trainer and also drove team. She then moved to Wayne Transport and enjoys her job there very much. She comes from a family of truck drivers including grandfathers, grandmother, dad, brothers and uncles. Jaclyn considers herself a true Asphalt Cowgirl. If everyone put as much dedication and energy into driving truck as Jaclyn does this industry would be a much better place. When she is not working she enjoys being with family, friends, camping in her motor home, kayaking and riding her motorcycle. We are very proud of her.

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Jaclyn Chmelik, company driver
Kenyon, Minnesota