JoAnna Spencer

Updated Mar 13, 2017


I have been driving many years. My image of myself is a well grounded lady that does her job and does it well. I am always polite and never use language that I don’t want to hear. that being said I know all those curse words but would rather find another way to express myself. I have seen so many changes in the trucking industry and try to keep up to date on all of them. I am a lifetime member of OOIDA. and read as many publications on the industry as time allows. I dress appropriately to the job. that being said I do not flaunt it just because I have it. But there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that I am a woman. I really love the career I have chosen for myself and know that one day I will have to retire. I am told quite often that I should but I cant think of anything else I would rater do. I believe we should help each other as often as possible. And I try. I carry tools not for me to use but because I may have to loan them out to another driver that is stranded. I probably haven’t expressed to very well,because I am much better at just doing than I am talking about it It would be great to be recognized for my years in the industry but it not at least me and my family know what I have given to this country. Thank you.

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