Barbara Odom

Updated Mar 13, 2017

Barbara Odom 2017 02 21 12 36 E1487702259344I am very motivated in my job. I feel I’m working with one of the largest companies in the world, Quality Carriers/DB Kustom Trucks. I sincerely believe in giving an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. I truly believe in health and strength first and foremost and finding a place to take care of oneself physically along with eating right, because of having to sit for hours at a time is worth weight in gold. It was always a dream of mine to drive across the big wonderful great Earth that the good Lord gave us. I have been reared by parents that both drove. I have brothers that own trucking companies that drive themselves. I was put behind the wheels of a semi at 15 years old, which really created my desire to drive. I believe and have always believed that a woman can do whatever she set her heart to do. I enjoy every day and want to live it to the fullest.