Cheyenne Taylor

Updated Mar 13, 2017

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I’ve been driving for 8 months. I didn’t know anything about trucking but I decided to quit the job I was working at warehouse, gave up my apartment and car to pursue this career. I actually failed my CDL test three times and was about to give up but I realized that I would have nothing to go back to. I finally passed and I’m really happy I didn’t give up.

Being a woman truck driver has its ups and downs. I’ve always been the type to wear makeup and look a certain way. I do get unwanted attention whether it’s good or bad. I’ve had men shake there head at me like I don’t belong behind a wheel of a semi. The “good” thing I guess is that I’m able to get away with certain things I know other drivers wouldn’t because of the way I look. Trucking can be stressful and scary and some days but its all about experience, the more you have the more comfortable you’ll feel.