Laurie Emery

Updated Mar 13, 2017

Omb2017 Laurie Emery

Laurie is the consummate professional driver. Her work ethic is strong, she has an excellent safety record and she rarely lets the pressure of the road get her down. She is a supportive friend, willing to help when and how she can. She has been through some rough patches (having her truck burn, injuries when another driver ran into her broken down truck) but has always come out smiling on the other side. As a single mother she did a good job with raising her daughters and is a proud and loving grandmother. I never did like team driving but I’d ride with her anytime, anyplace. She has been both company driver and owner-operator, as well as working in the dispatch office and doing PR work for a company, so she knows all aspects of trucking. Her grey hair often sports bright colors, reflecting her attitude towards life and showing off the true beauty that age enhances. Laurie would make a perfect spokesperson for women in trucking – in fact she’d make a perfect spokeswoman for the entire industry. She deserves your consideration for this honor.

Nominated by Barbara Peduzzi

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