Lisa Prizament

Updated Mar 13, 2017

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I love my kids and grandson. I believe in loving one another. I got into trucking because I love to drive and love trucks and it gives me lovely scenery to look at and be around while I work. I believe I have always been a safe and courteous driver. I always try to help anyone I can. I wanted to have equal pay to a man, which is another reason I became a driver. Just because I’m doing what many believe is a man’s job doesn’t mean I’m not still feminine. I don’t have to act like a man to work in a male dominated career. I will do anything for my family or friends that I can. I try to encourage others when they are down because I’ve been there. I encourage other women to be drivers. We need more female trainers. I think if men who choose to be nurses can be respected, then women who choose truck driving should be as well. I will say it is one of the hardest things I have done. Learning to drive while being taunted and teased. Not taken seriously. We don’t stop being a women or a ladies just because we are out here.

I’ve survived an air suspension bag exploding on me, one trucker who held me against my will and almost killed me … I got back on the truck and am going to keep doing this job. I’m not trying to show men up, but do a job that I like and can do. Due to a job loss and divorce, I became homeless and without a car, so it has also provided me with a warm place to sleep at night. I’m happy to be able to drive a big truck. It puts a smile on my face and I’m proud of myself for walking through my fears and doing it anyway!