Rebekah Meadows

Updated Mar 13, 2017

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I’m thrilled to participate in just what us women out here are about. I’m a proud OO of a 2006 379 Pete leased on to J.Grady Randolph, specializing in OD & HH. I’ve beaten the odds of making it out here. I am the only female in our large Daeske-owned company and the first to become an OO in Virginia. I have three daughters, two are grown with my youngest being 9 with autism. I also operate a private Saddlebred barn and compete heavily. I’m lucky to have the ability to work and be a mother and fulfill my equine passions. It’s a hard life balancing everything but I wake up each day, and count my blessings as I get my youngest off to school before feeding the horses and heading in to the plant I haul from daily. Rain… snow or sunny days, I chain my loads and roll on. I’ve been a trucker since 2000, with a goal of becoming an OO. I’ve been 100 percent and worked hard but ended up losing almost everything during the economy crash in 2008. Through determination, hard work and support from family and JGR, I had the chance to buy my truck in 2015. I am now just two months away from paying off Ol Pete with plans to reinstate my own authority and move forward stronger than ever. This contest is about the inner and outer beauty of us women in trucking. They call me Hollywood out here. I was given this handle because they say I’m too pretty to be driving a truck. Let me tell y’all that to me is far from reality. You see, part of my story is I’m facially scarred, for life. I’ve been made fun of, stared at, mocked and called ugly mean cruel things. For years I let it get to me, I hid from people, hung my head and pushed away anyone that tried to be close to me including my husband. I have endured countless painful surgeries trying to repair the damage that was out of my control to prevent. It took years to finally see what the true friends and loved ones saw. They see ME.. whats inside, which made the outside beautiful to them. Learning to love yourself no matter what you’ve endured or what others say is the hardest thing for anyone to learn. This is my story.