Rebecca Howard

Updated Mar 13, 2017

Omb2017 Rebecca Howard E1487688436558

I am a 25-year accident free driver. I started the year the CDL became a requirement, 1992. I was a wife and mother who split to save myself from postpartum depression. As a hairdresser, I knew I needed to make a living real fast as I would soon be faced with child support payments and supporting myself as well. After four years of windshield time and earning a living, the depression was virtually gone except for maintenance and reality checks that I wasn’t seeing my child grow up daily and some things I would never see come to reality. Trucking has been great! I learned a lot about people of all walks. I loved my lovers with all myself be a useful I knew I would be moving on. Best training: skid pad training. Best trainers: old timers who taught me not to be so sensitive and think about being the best. I started at 28, I am now 52. Still gear jamming but have mellowed out a lot and get plenty of rest due to the OBRS. Love to walk with my dog Spot at any given time, anywhere I am at. Trucking has served me well. It keeps me level headed and virtually stress free.

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