How to: Install a new steering wheel

Bruce Smith | December 01, 2009

How-to---main-pageThe rubber meets the road, but it’s the steering wheel that meets your hands. With virtually all your on-duty time spent holding this circular device, you don’t need to settle for anything less than what you want – whether it’s for look, feel or both.

It took 4 State Trucks less than 15 minutes to swap a Peterbilt factory wheel (below) for an 18-inch VIP 39 from Vehicle Improvement Products. This jewel retails for $250, but you can find others made of wood, plastic and even custom aluminum in the $200 to $700 range.

What you need

• Steering wheel

• Steering wheel puller

• Adjustable wrench

• Nylon trim pry tool

• 1-in. deep socket, ratchet

• 15 to 20 minutes

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