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Ice climber scales cow trailer, film at 11

| April 14, 2014

Matt Hopkins climbing his trailer

Why’s that ice climber scaling a cow trailer? As any bull hauler will know, Matt Hopkins (the ice climber in question) included, it’s not exactly that out of the ordinary. “I climb up there all the time,” he says, for one reason or another. More often than not, it’s to nudge a recalcitrant bull to turn around and exit the trailer after he’s opened the rear door to unload. 


Tied to a cause: Driver support grows for Truckers Against Trafficking

Tied to a cause: Driver support grows for Truckers Against Trafficking

One of them, owner-operator Matt Hopkins, took his support for the organization to new heights with his early-2014 benefit climb of Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina. ...

This month’s cover story in Overdrive is about Hopkins’ Truckers Against Trafficking benefit climb of Mount Aconcagua in Argentina (read more about the journey here). We figured, hey, how better to combine the climbing and trucking parts of Hopkins’ life visually than to put him to work on the trailer with his ice-climbing gear. The photo shoot took place where Hopkins parks his truck, near a friend’s place in Dillon, Mont., with plenty of yard to work with — these outtakes show, if nothing else, the oddity of the images that resulted. Turns out that, sometimes, the more elaborate the shot, the less effective it is, ultimately. 

Score one for originality in trucking photography, though — find a gallery of further images following, all shot by Belgrade, Mont.-based Brian Smith of High Mountain Photography. 


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