Health Product: Fitness Hoop

Updated Jun 27, 2014

Fitness Hoop

Altus Athletic 5 lbs. Fit Hoop in Pink / Blue

Price: $26.77

Make working out more fun with a hula hoop. Okay, so now it’s called a fitness hoop, and it’s weighted (5 lbs.) to give more oomph to your workout. But it’s still fun, and you can shape and tone your entire body while improving your core strength. It’s also great for improving your balance and flexibility. It disassembles easily for travel and storage. The Altus Athletic 1211 044 comes in pink or blue. PVC construction covered in foam padding. For adults 160 lbs – 220 lbs. Shake those hips and have some fun while you get into shape. (Not responsible for harassment from other truckers!)


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