Hard road for single mom

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Updated Aug 31, 2012

Dear Carolyn,

I was taking my daughter to her first day of school and another mother asked if I was a single parent. I said yes and she said, “Wow, that must really be great not to have to depend on a guy.” Ha ha.

I didn’t reply but I wanted to vent to you. No, it’s really NOT great to be a single mother. My daughter’s dad ran out on us two years ago and it’s a struggle every day. I’d rather be single than be with a loser like him. But, is it great to have to do everything alone? Pay every bill with waitress tips? Make every decision alone? Go to every open house alone? I did not say what I wanted to say. But I’m still mad about it. What do you think I should have said?


Dear Fuming,

Clearly, she ate a big bowl of stupid. On behalf of all mothers everywhere, let me apologize for her unkind and dumb words. You did just fine by not answering her. I’ve always found silence can make your point loud and clear. If she brings it up again, ask her if she’d like to pass her husband your way. That ought to shut her up!

Just say’n,