iLuvMyTrucker: Brian Woods

In 2001 when I met my trucker he was a company driver for MS Carriers, and I was a dispatcher there. We were friends for a long time before we ever dated. He was a driver that everyone liked and respected. He was always professional, safe and on time. In 2003, we were married and in 2004 we had a little girl. In 2010, I lost my job and we teamed up. I don’t have my CDL and could never do the job that he does but I have many many years of office, safety, dispatching and planning under my belt. By teamed up I mean we bought a 2004 KW W900L and became an LLC. By 2011, we had our own authority and have a small company. Each year I gain a deeper respect for truck drivers and especially my trucker. Shipper delays, unloading delays, horrible traffic, unsafe drivers, weather and many challenges come Brian’s way every day. He gets frustrated like anyone would but he puts the smile back on his face and keeps truckin’. It is so important to him to show those both inside and outside of the industry that professional truck drivers do exist. He is an amazing father to our little girl and he makes it home for all the things that are so important to her. He embraces his job and is constantly seeking ways to make the industry better.—Michelle Woods