GatorChristmas day 2011, gator walks in my home all the way into my kitchen and looks at like i am home feed me. Never had seen this kitten prior to that day. With most of the stores closed i called my mom and ask to borrow a box, litter, and some food. I checked online for lost pets being solid white i was sure he was someones pet but with no tags i could not find the owner. after new years it was time for me to head back out and knowing he would not survive the kill shelters in the area i borrowed my moms dog carrier and gator walked right in as if he knew what was going on. I figured i would take him on the road with me and see how he reacts to the environment. He loves it, always gets lots of attention from the guards, shippers, receivers, other truck drivers, and even tourist in washington dc Marriott. He has traveled now for two years, i have removed a cabinet, my passenger seat, and my top bunk is his personal space with a covered litter pan, his food dishes and bathroom mats to lay on. Some drivers feel dogs are best in trucks and for them they probably are but in my book gator is the best pet i have ever owned. i am sure who would also be a favorite for overdrives most loved pet. I mean who does not like a pet that purrs when you pet him.

Leonard Mills | Owner-operator, Landstar Inway

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