Updated Nov 6, 2013

MuffinYou can find a picture of my baby on my Facebook. I lost her on 10/7/13 due to cancer, She was 9 years old. It really tore me up to lose her. She was my best friend and I love her. It now has been 10 days and it still hard with out her, Muff was like I lost one of my children. But she gave me 9 years of joy. I am looking for another one but the price has went up on these little dogs that I can not afford another one. If any of my trucker friends know somebody who wants to sell or give a puppy up . Please let me know. I just want another friend like her, I can never replace her. A good breed of any kind of dog will fill the empty spot in my heart. I am 62 years old, my Facebook page is Leonard W Roberson. Take a look at my little girl. Thanks, My trucker friends.

Leonard Roberson | Company driver, EMO Trans

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