TruckTruck is about as loving a pet can be. Both me and my father work stressful jobs, him being a cop and myself being a truck driver. Truck seems to know when you’re tired or down so he’s always the first person at the door waiting to greet you. He loves children and smiling faces and pretty much anyone who’s got the energy to keep up with him. He is a self proclaimed road dog so to speak as he loves to ride shotgun whether it be down the street or clear across town. Loves the open road as much as I do and he makes great company to anyone’s presense. A fine example of a misunderstood breed. And as for the name.. Well that’s all my dad’s doing as he thought Truck’s broad stance and solid features resembled a truck (a Mack Truck matter of fact). That’s my dog Truck, THE perfect trucker’s companion!

Chauncy London | Company driver, JB Hunt