PupI got Pup when she was just 6 weeks old, and she was by my side until she passed at age 18, last October 1. She’s seen more states than most humans. I could go into a truck stop, tell her to stay while I got a shower, and she’d be right there when I got out. If she stayed home with my wife, before I left out, I’d tell her to watch the house. My wife would eventually call and ask me to tell Pup to go off duty because she was driving her nuts with all the pacing and growling at windows and doors. She was the most well behaved dog you ever met. I contacted her through a pet communicator after her death and was happy to hear that Pup still rides with me. She likes to check on me in the evening, when I’m getting tired. Her place is the passenger seat and in her words, there’s a long road ahead of us. That’s my girl!

Chris Luck | Owner-operator, Luck Transport LLC

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