Vee and Ike

Vee and IkeMy two boys are my company’s name sake. Where do I begin. I can’t nominate Vee without Ike and vise versa. Vee is 15 years old now. Blind and has seizures as well. But even in old age he is very posed and regal. Truly dignified. In his younger days we had hired our vet tech to walk Vee during the day. On one of his walks an elderly man came running out of his house and told our vet tech that Vee was the best looking $25 dollar dog that he had ever seen and offered cash money for him. LOL. I am sure he truly felt like that was a lot of money of offer for a dog. A few years later Vee needed emergency surgery to save his life. The Vet at Alameda East in Denver offered to take Vee if we did not want to pay for the surgery. We did not take him up on the offer. Vee also stole all the young female vet tech’s hearts. They would drop pens and pencils only to have poor sick Vee retrieve them. Over the many years on the road and in the military Vee has truly been the best $25 dollar dog ever! Ike on the other hand, Ike is our court jester. Just a big guff ball. He is 7 now. He is just one big hot mess in the house. He barks at every thing. My wife says he can hear an ant stomp its feet across the street. He will go to the sliding door and slap it to go outside. If you are not Johnny on the spot to let him out he will hit the door again and look over his shoulder at you. As if he is saying well hurry up human. When I take him hunting he puts his paws up on the back of the truck and waits for up to lift his rear end up and in. He can jump about 4 or 5 feet high form stand for a biscuit. He is all business when hunting though. Truly a joy to go hunting with. The other day when I came home he promptly went outside only to retrieve and bring me a pigeon into the house. A Court Jester for sure. He never leaves my side when I am home. They are my dogs, they are my pets, they are my boys, they are my family!

Craig Helsel | Owner-operator, Vizsla Transports LLC

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