JillJill is a 10-year-old sheltie mix that comes to work with me everyday! She wakes up with me every morning at 3:30 a.m. and is the first one out the door! Jill loves riding in the truck and likes to rest her chin on the window and when she’s tired she likes to sleep on her back snuggled in comfortably on top of her Harley Davidson blanket! I let her out at the job sites and at the landfills but only with her safety vest on! Everyone loves Jill, especially the guys at my mechanic shop, they even keep dog treats in their tool box just for Jill! Poor Jill is getting old, but that doesn’t stop her from jumping out of my truck on her own, I do however have to give her a helping boost when she jumps back in! She’s the best dog and I’m lucky to have her with me everyday!

Derek Frye | Owner-operator, Frye Trucking