Gus, Tako and Brandy

Updated Dec 23, 2013

Gus, Tako and BrandyAll T3 Love to Ride in the Truck, Gus Rides on the Back of my seat, until I get to a Rest Area, Shipper, Receiver or Truckstop, Then it’s down my arm to the Steering Wheel He Likes to Ride the Wheel when it’s Turning and goes WEEEEE and Ducks under my arm when it comes around, Taco rides on a Suction Cup Perch Attached to the Passenger side Window and Goes Yee Haw when we hit a Dip or a Bridge that doesn’t match the Road, Brandy Rides on My Shoulder and is Smart Enough to come down my Arm and Poop on the Paper on the Floor in between the Seats always ask What are You Doing, Tell her I’m Driving and answers Oh

Timothy L. Barrett Sr. | Owner-operator, T&J Transportation Services