Harley Dicke

Harley DickeI have known Harley since she was a puppy. My son and ex-wife had her, but as my son got ready to go to college, his life got too busy to give Harley the attention she needed.  I did not think Harley would handle the truck life well, but after a week of her looking out the window for me – I decided to see how she would handle being on the road.  She adapted well.  I carry an electric cooler in the truck and Harley uses that to step on from the bunk and into the passenger seat as she sees fit. If Im driving at night – Harley will be sure to check on me by sitting on the cooler and looking at me until I acknowledge her and then she will go back to sleep. . .I think this is her way of making sure I’m not getting tired.  If I leave the truck – Harley sits in the drivers seat and watches for me to return. We have traveled through some bad weather together and Harley helps me get through the bumps and rough roads with the silent encouragement in her eyes.  All of my regular delivery points all know and ask about Harley.  She is sure to get a biscuit at all the guard shacks.   I know she wont be around forever. . .but me and that dog have a lot of road to cover yet.

Mike Dicke | Owner-operator, Dicke Transport