TJTJ is 4 & 1/2 yrs old lab/rottie mix and has been truckin with me since he was 8 wks old. Ive been a solo driver for 10 yrs and didnt have a pet on the truck until one of my daughters brought home this fat lil ball of black fur. I was skeptical at first cuz i didnt know if i could fit a pet into my work schedule, let alone a puppy who needed training. I had recently lost my male wolf who was 13 and i had bottle fed and i just didnt think i could handle giving my heart to another pet. Well i was surely wrong!!! TJ is my baby! Hes like one of my kids, he makes me laugh and he makes me mad lol. Hes my best friend and my alarm system. Hes great with my 6 grandbabies, who range from age 6 months to 8 yrs old. Even though hes very large hes very gentle. Even though i make the payments on my truck hes claimed it as his haha. I have literally arranged the inside of my truck to accomodate him!!! He has like 30 different toys, and i keep adding to the collection, and he always has his fav dog cookies in the truck.  When im stressed out cuz of work or traffic he will come over and lay his head on my lap and wag his tail, which puts a smile on my face. He loves truckin! When we go home he knows when we’re in New England and he starts jumpin around in the truck. Then when its time to go back to work he just seems to know cuz he will follow me all over the house, constantly under foot, he knows sometimes before i do!! Truckin is not for all pets, same as people ,but some are just born to go truckin, like TJ and myself. Hes a part of my family and i thank God my daughter brought him home!!!

Lisa McAlpine | Owner-operator leased to Dart Transit

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