Meals for 18 wheels delivers

Meals for 18 Wheels

“A hot holiday meal is a special thing .. taken for granted” by many American, writes David Hollis of Overdrive sister website Truckers News.  For long-distance truckers over-the-road during the holidays, there’s a new effort this year ramping up to deliver holiday meals on a volunteer basis.

Meals for 18 Wheels sprang up last Thanksgiving when Crystal Schoonmaker, a trucker’s wife from Chattanooga, Tenn., “delivered 31 meals to drivers over a 23-hour period in a one-woman marathon,” writes Hollis. “Schoonmaker said that by Christmas, she recruited some helpers and 289 drivers – and five lucky pets – had meals on Christmas. Aside from the home-cooked meals, Schoonmaker said six pizzas were delivered to drivers and one volunteer handed out bags of cookies to 40 drivers.”

This year, organizers of Meals For 18 Wheels are hoping to increase the number of drivers they feed over both the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Read the full story at

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