She Drives Trucks newsletter to serve women drivers

shedrivesThere was a time when almost all American truck drivers were men, but that’s changed. Today there are more than 200,000 women driving trucks, making up about 6 percent of that workforce.

She Drives Trucks, a weekly newsletter produced by the editorial team of Truckers News, launches today to serve those female company drivers and owner-operators. Sent weekly to 50,000 female drivers, She Drives will address the unique issues women face on the road, including personal safety, health concerns and the best driving jobs for women.

Through the newsletter, website and social media, She Drives will also offer a community for women drivers to share their experiences and tips for surviving and thriving in a challenging industry.

“We’re launching She Drives to address a need for content that speaks directly to women drivers,” says Linda Longton, senior vice president, editorial, for Randall-Reilly, which publishes Truckers News and She Drives. “These are professionals who made a conscious decision to pursue a career in a male-dominated industry, even knowing the challenges they would face. She Drives helps them address those challenges and have a little fun at the same time.”

The editorial team has assembled an advisory board of successful women drivers to help shape the direction of She Drives. Additional members are welcome, so any female drivers interested in joining the advisory board or fleets wishing to nominate one of their women drivers should contact Editor David Hollis.

Based on input from the board, She Drives editorial coverage will include:

  • Profiles of women drivers.
  • Guest commentary from women drivers.
  • Articles on staying safe on the road.
  • Health and fitness issues.
  • Best driving jobs for women.
  • Equipment and products tailored to women’s needs.
  • Ways to make a big rig a home away from home.
  • A mix of serious and fun topics presented to get great conversations going.

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Reach Hollis at [email protected].

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