Unseasonably warm weather makes for dicey start to new ‘Ice Road Truckers’ season

Updated Aug 10, 2016
Darrell Ward from History Channel’s “Ice Road Truckers.”Darrell Ward from History Channel’s “Ice Road Truckers.”

Unusually mild weather set the tone for the premier of the 10th season of the History Channel’s “Ice Road Truckers”, writes Overdrive sister site Truckers News Editor David Hollis.

Warmer than usual weather caused the “ice roads” to not fully freeze as early as normal, and Polar Enterprises’ loads began to stack up on the yard without the roads being open yet, Hollis says.

The show’s Todd Dewey was tasked with hauling a 25-ton load of construction supplies after a cold front allowed some roads to firm up enough to traverse. The ice over the lake Dewey was crossing was more than a foot thinner than normal.

Darrell Ward and Lisa Kelly also found themselves in a jam due to the unseasonably warm weather as the season kicked off.

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