‘Ice Road Truckers’ introduces 22-year-old rookie driver

Steph Custance (Photo: History Channel)Steph Custance (Photo: History Channel)

There’s a new kid on the icy roads of History Channel’s “Ice Road Truckers”. Twenty-two-year-old Steph Custance was introduced to viewers during the second episode of the show’s 10th season last week.

As Overdrive sister site Truckers News Editor David Hollis writes, Custance didn’t exactly nail her test drive with Polar Enterprises’ Mark Kohaykewych, but the young driver, who has less than a year of driving under her belt, did well enough to get her foot in the door.

Also in last week’s episode, show veteran Alex Debogorski white-knuckled his way across a thin layer of ice, Art Burke got into it with a snow bank, and Lisa Kelly struggled her way across some slick roads.

For a full recap of the episode, see Hollis’ full recap here. “Ice Road Truckers” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. Eastern on the History Channel.