Magellan e-log operable on iOS devices

| February 20, 2018

The BYOD (bring-your-own-device) variant of the longtime GPS provider Magellan’s electronic logging device is now available for iOS-powered devices like the iPhone and iPad. Among the lwest-priced monthly-fee-based hours services at $10 monthly for the basic ELD, Magellan’s simplified, FMCSA-registered ELD device is a quick install and, the company believes, ideal for independents.


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“Our research shows a large portion of owner-operators use iOS mobile devices,” said Mark Perini, vice president of Fleet Business for Magellan.

An hours of service management web portal paired with the in-cab engine plugin and interface on operators’ mobile devices allows for efficient hours and DVIR reports, the company says, while on-device data transfer and co-driver support smooths roadside inspections. The company also offers an IFTA-capable version for an additional $30 one-time cost.

Magellan ELDs are available directly from Magellan or though Amazon.

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