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New Tony Justice album to feature vocal work with Aaron Tippin

| July 14, 2015

Tony Justice and Aaron Tippin

Good news out of East and Middle Tennessee for fans of music with on-highway themes. A rising voice among trucker singer-songwriters, Everhart Transportation driver Tony Justice, reports that work on a new record is getting under way this summer and, for the title track, he’ll be joined by well-known music veteran — and former truck driver — Aaron Tippin on the title track.


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It’s a Kim Williams-penned tune that George Strait recorded some years back, called “Brothers of the highway.” (You can hear Strait’s version of the tune at the head of the updated “Music to truck by” podcast below.) Justice notes he’s excited about the vocal collaboration, given it reinforces the central theme of this next record, his third over the last several years to draw on trucking themes. The “whole album,” he says, is intended to emphasize and reinvigorate in drivers the “sense of pride that truck drivers used to have about being truck drivers. When you have that sense of pride, it spills over into everything you do — how you dress, how you act” and how you conduct business. “Our industry needs it – right now, our whole society needs it. That’s totally my goal with this album.”

Other songs, many penned by Justice in collaboration with Williams, he says, “help hammer home that message.”


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For Tippin, news of the vocal collab in the offing comes on the heels of my talk with him about his new “Aaron Tippin 25” anniversary double-record set celebrating his quarter-century in music. In the podcast that follows, you can run through his trucking history as well as sample cuts from the new record. Find more from Justice in the playlist below that.

Looking forward to hearing the end result from these two? Heck yeah, I am too.

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