Nussbaum retrofits trailers with TrailerTail devices

| December 06, 2011

Nussbaum Transportation announced it will retrofit most of its trailer fleet with ATDynamics TrailerTails and side skirts by the end of the year.

Normal, Ill.-based Nussbaum recently completed testing 40 TrailerTails and Transtex side skirts on its fleet. The carrier will install a total of almost 300 tails and side skirts.  

“The decision to fully retrofit our fleet with aerodynamic tails and skirts was driven by our desire to be fuel efficient and increase profitability,” said Brent Nussbaum, CEO of Nussbaum Transportation. 

Nussbaum expects to save three million gallons of diesel fuel and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 22 tons.

ATDynamics TrailerTail products are EPA SmartWay verified and U.S. Department of Transportation approved.

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