When the Midnight Cowboy changed his name

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You’ve heard of certain jobs – maybe had some yourself – where a person ends up doing all sorts of things beyond the original duties. Some of the crazier situations involve becoming an unofficial mediator, be it counseling co-workers or calming customers.

Renowned trucking DJ Bill Mack hadn’t planned on being a liaison between spouses when he went on the air decades ago, but he learned that when you open the phone line for truckers and their families, you never know what to expect. Visit OverdriveRetro.com to see a video of how the Satellite Cowboy, formerly the Midnight Cowboy, was once dubbed the Midnight Midwife.

Also, for more background on Mack and some of the other great trucking DJs, read this roundup.  

I had the treat of spending an hour with Bill in his home studio in Fort Worth, Texas, just before attending the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas last August, and he had other colorful stories from his long career. We’ll be posting videos of them over the 12 months we celebrate Overdrive’s 50th anniversary, so keep checking back at OverdriveRetro.com.

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