Four-wheeler: ‘I am so sick of 18-wheelers!’

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Over the transom today in Overdrive‘s Nashville bureau here, as my office is often known among the editors in Alabama, came this letter. So much for sharing the road!

Truck On Span OdDear editor,
I am so sick of 18-wheelers. They are always in the way. Who needs them? I sure don’t.

They never seem to do the speed limit. They cause far too many problems. They go through town in the right lane we need to use to get off to go to our workplace or shopping. They are like following a dirty wall and we never see our exit in time to get off.

We pass them and get off at our exit so we can get where we are going without being late and all we get is a blast on the air horn and the middle finger. Why?

The truth of the matter is: You have 18 wheels and 18 brakes and I have only four little wheels and four brakes, so your trucks can stop faster and sooner. What is the problem? These 18-wheel drivers need to get a real job. I am tired of supporting them.

Why don’t they just get in the left lanes in towns and go on so us hardworking people can get to work with out being harassed by them? What is so hard about doing that? Get out of the right-hand lane, for crying out loud! Give us taxpayers that pay your food bill a break. Do you think you truckers could get bigger engines so you would not be so slow in traffic? Ask your bosses.

Your trucks cause all the damage to the roads and my taxes pay for the repairs.

If you truckers were so good, why don’t you just slow down and move over for us when we try to merge? You know we have to have coffee and get our daily morning and afterwork texts so give us a break and move over. What is so hard about doing that?

My hands are full so the turn signal can’t be used often or I would spill my coffee. Professional drivers, my foot. You truck drivers think you own the road. My taxes paid for the road, not yours.

I am so tired of footing the bill for this. Trucks should be banned from cities so workers can get to or from their jobs without be terrorized by these huge trucks belching smoke and squealing brakes…

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Don’t give me any guff about what you pay. I gas my car twice a week and it costs me $45 dollars each time I gas up. My car holds 16 gallons and you truckers have fuel tanks that hold a couple of hundred  gallons so don’t  tell me about costs. I know, I pay it twice a week.

If Mayor Daley were still around this would not be happening.

Thank you.

Itz Mirode
Chicago, Ill.

What do you think, drivers? If you’ve gotten this far, tweet us via @overdriveupdate or comment here. Be sure to use hashtag #truckingaprilfoolsday. And for kudos, you can tip your hat to Landstar owner-operator Gordon Alkire, who penned this post.