Are you going to drink that?

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Cargo Theft Lager2If there’s ever an instance when cargo theft could provide a small glimmer of lightheartedness, it happened in central Pennsylvania last weekend when a trailer loaded with about 1,800 cases of Corona was stolen from a distributor.

Ironic, the Associated Press hints at, given that Saturday was Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican day of celebration of independence and, as the AP article says, a U.S. celebration of “Mexican heritage and pride and [an] occasion for festivals and parties.”

What can you get for a trailer full of beer? A few street-side sales, maybe? Or one long party?

The Carlisle police are still searching for clues on the trailer’s disappearance, though, and are asking anyone with information on its whereabouts to contact them. The trailer’s registered to Metcalf Trucking and has Maine tags.