Infographic: Electronic logging device maker PeopleNet pushes driver pay, convenience as e-log benfits

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Major electronic logging device provider PeopleNet this week unveiled an infographic detailing stats that the company says show use of ELDs can boost a driver’s annual pay by about $1,500 and save about 30 minutes a day.

The company also touts benefits like reduced violation occurrence and easier compliance with federal rules. PeopleNet also says the devices can “empower drivers to fend off” pressure from carriers who ask truck operators to violate hours-of-service limits — a topic similar to one covered by Overdrive Senior Editor Todd Dills last April in his Channel 19 blog: ELD mandate could pave way for time-based pay prevalence

Below is PeopleNet’s e-log infographic. Drop a comment below to tell us if you’ve found time or money savings using ELDs.

Click the infographic to see a larger version: