Bush didn’t overturn emissions regs, public needs truck education: Part 2 of OD visit to Road Dog

Updated Feb 5, 2014

In the second segment (in the player above) of Overdrive Executive Editor Jack Roberts’ visit to Mark Willis’ Road Dog Trucking News show on Sirius 128 earlier this month, the two continued to talk about the relationship — or lack thereof — between political parties and trucking regulations. 

Roberts recalls in the segment a near rejoicing of the industry when the pro-business, anti-regulation President George W. Bush was elected in 2000, as truck makers and fleets thought their days of having to meet the series of tightening emissions standards were behind them. 

However, Bush didn’t touch the EPA regs, Roberts notes. 

Roberts and Willis in this segment also fielded calls from drivers and talked about how the general driving public needs to be better educated about the actions of trucks on the road and the physics behind them. 

Click here to listen to the first segment of the show.

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