The problem with ‘Say no to cheap freight’

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Updated Nov 3, 2014
Kevin RutherfordKevin Rutherford

Do you accept a ridiculously low rate or deadhead out of a bad area? Trucking radio host Kevin Rutherford tackles this question in this four-minute excerpt (below) about rates from Overdrive’s latest Partners in Business seminar.

Speaking at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas in August, Rutherford talks about making decisions by the numbers instead of by emotion.

Rates are determined primarily by supply and demand – the amount of freight that needs to be moved in a particular market and the number of available trucks in that market, he says. Listen to the podcast to hear what accounts for the other 10 percent.   

The program was sponsored by Ryder and Goodyear Smart Fleet, and co-produced with financial services provider ATBS.