Mailbag: Answering a few ELD mandate questions, and more trucking views

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Updated Nov 5, 2016
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In this Overdrive Radio podcast edition (catch it above or below), find a few answers to ELD-mandate-related questions from readers, like a round-up of ongoing commentary coming in on the podcast line from all of you: 530-408-6423.

Commentary has reflected fairly strong opposition to the mandate by and large, with as much as 85 percent of readers — in a poll still ongoing at this link — noting they’d do what they could to avoid running with an electronic log of any kind. Half said they’d rather retire or look for another line of work if they couldn’t avoid it with the short-haul exception under the hours of service rules or a pre-2000 truck. Such trucks, as I’ve explored at length here and here, are notably exempt from the requirement.

Find our complete coverage of the mandate via this link.