‘Should have planned better’ only goes so far when road realities are at play

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Updated Jan 21, 2018

As so many owner-operators have noted in past editions of the Overdrive Radio podcast and elsewhere at OverdriveOnline.com, “planning better” will only get you so far when it comes to a 14-hour rule with rigid ends and little opportunity to extend it or stop it for mid-period rest. Owner-operator Mark Kirbyson, in this latest edition of the podcast. concurs wholeheartedly with those who’ve found themselves this new year dealing with a variety of headaches with their last-minute switch to ELDs as mandate went into effect on December 18.

Issues discussed here range from the problematic nature of the hours of service to overwhelmed ELD vendors and more. The bonus — quickly improving spot rates translating themselves more slowly to the contract market — Kirbyson believes, can only go so far until the American people writ large feel the impact in higher prices:

Other operators were less apologetic for getting what is their due. Noted “Trucker Jim,” commenting under this spot market update last week: “I’m the one who has been starving for the last 10 years, thanks to cheap freight, high fuel, EPA regs and foreign competition. I hope the rate goes to $20 per mile. I want my money back. All the greedy pigs make sure they get theirs. It’s time to pay up. Call the customer, and tell them they need to pay. Or donate your money. Take your pick.”

And, he added, for the record, as it were: “By the way, I just sent a new record for a week after 17 years of business, and I will take more next week. Wake up, truckers. Double the old rates and go from there.”