A new way to do reefer washouts: Produce broker’s ‘Healthy Trailer’ machine

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Updated Feb 9, 2021

In this edition of the Overdrive Radio podcast, we track back through the rest of our conversation with Pam Young, the Salinas, Calif.-based longtime produce broker whose response to the Food Safety Modernization Act’s new FDA rules for sanitary transportation of fresh food was to conceive of and build a new automated reefer washout machine that incorporates a variety of sanitary techs, including the use of UV light, among others she details in the talk.

As you’ll hear, Young believes the technology, patented, holds promise for not only carriers but food-service companies and other parties all along the food supply chain who want to up their game when it comes to washouts. Her Healthy Trailer LLC company is operating today in King City, Calif., but she’s pitching it to other entities, too, where she envisions the machine placed at unload/load locations and other yards as a possible service to haulers.

Near the top of the podcast, she sets the stage for why she thinks more carriers, shippers and brokers all should be concerned about trailer sanitation in the wake of the FDA’s new rules – and why many just continue with business as usual, as it were. Likewise, wearing her produce broker hat, what she’s seen for rates to carriers post-ELD mandate and as the economy has improved, limiting capacity. Take a listen:

Young also echoed transportation attorney Henry Seaton’s thoughts on what some food shippers have been doing in contracts, transferring risks related to FSMA requirements onto carriers, oftentimes without the carrier realizing they were signing onto a new liability. You can see a few different examples that Seaton’s seen in prior reporting via the following link:

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