A Truckstop in the halls of Congress, a hotshot carrier’s tech-informed business


In this week’s edition of the Overdrive Radio podcast, a bit of a dispatch from the day the truck stop came to the U.S. Congress with Truckstop.com’s Chief Relationship Officer Brent Hutto. Hutto testitifed recently before a subcommittee of the Senate Commerce Committee about the position of technology providers in the freight ecosystem, the potential for electronic permitting, the importance of funding road maintenance and more.

Regarding the latter, his thoughts here include illustration of just how road deterioration makes the No. 1 reason owner-ops go out business much more likely to come to fruition — that’s a major mechanical failure, of course, hastened by bad roads. That landed particularly squarely, he notes, with Senators.

Also here: Jon Gavrilyuk of hotshot-focused Safe Way Carrier out of central Missouri on issues of data usage, personal privacy, competition and Safe Way’s significant tech investments — and success — in recent years. Take a listen:

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