New partnership could lead to expansion of truck parking availability technology

HBI94__0882A system that uses road signs, smartphone apps and more to help drivers find available parking may have taken a step toward going national this week with the partnership of two companies.

eX² Technology and Truck Smart Parking Services have partnered to offer a solution to address the nationwide parking shortage problem. TSPS already operates in Michigan, and the partnership with eX² could help expand their offerings.

The new solution, dubbed an Intelligent Transportation System, will provide the services necessary to accelerate deployment of a corridor-wide truck parking information network, eX² says.

“Our experience over the last 18 months in successful operation of the Michigan smart truck parking service puts us in a unique position in this industry. The eX2 partnership allows us to now offer a complete turnkey solution for all stakeholders to address this critical problem,” said Rick Warner, CEO of TSPS.