Petition started to ask FMCSA to mandate states to provide truck parking

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pay-to-parkTruck drivers have started an online petition at asking the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to require states to create parking for tired truckers.

The petition specifically asks FMCSA to “mandate that each state provide enough state-sanctioned truck parking along interstates to match annual truck traffic volume statistics,” and adds it can be done by “making a plain dirt lot available for truckers to park in at various rural exit ramps.”

Additionally, the petitioners state that they understand even a plain dirt lot could incur costs to a state. “Aside from land procurement, several factors are at play for which we, the undersigned petitioners, would gladly contribute via nominal coin- or token-operated toll gates to enter” the lots. They added they’d be willing to pay $1 for entry to a dirt lot, $2 for a gravel lot or $3 for a paved lot.

The group listed five “considerations” for the lots, as follows:

•No-frills parking lots for large trucks: either dirt, gravel or pavement
•Reasonable, freeway-type light poles
•Dumpster near exit of parking lot
•Winter conditions in some states may require snow management
•Law enforcement should not be allowed to “troll” these lots, instead restricted to weigh stations

More information about the petitioners can be found at their website, or on their Facebook page.

The full letter can be read here. The petition, which was posted May 11, has 208 supporters as of 9 a.m. Tuesday, May 17 and can be signed here.

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