Photos: Custom 1968 Peterbilt 358

| June 15, 2012


Leroy and Joanie Bracelin dropped off their beloved 1968 Peterbilt 358 to Brent McGrath of Brent’s Custom Trucks 12 years ago to do with it what he could in the way of a custom rebuild.

It was originally a dump truck, spec’d new by Leroy himself in the 1967, and “he wanted red and chrome, and he let me do with it what I wanted,” McGrath says, who admits he just finished the rebuild project — one week before the show.

Well worth the wait, says Leroy, who’s showing the truck at the Great West Truck Show Pride & Polish alongside McGrath and his crew. He’s since retired and sold his business, but he does still own this antique gem, which now, thanks to McGrath, is completely customized from front bumper to rear, including under the hood.

Stay tuned for more on the truck, but here are a few photos taken of it in its position on the show floor (note that every wire and every hose on the truck is covered with a steel braided line):








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