Photos: Working, show trucks competing in 2014’s final Pride & Polish show

Updated Oct 20, 2014

The 2014 PDI Dyno Event and Truck Show is under way in St. George, Utah, and it’s hosting the last Overdrive‘s Pride & Polish show of the year and the second qualifying event of the 2014-2015 Pride & Polish National Championship series. 

Here are all of the trucks competing in the event. Photos by Brian Bourke:

display-BF9A0852 dsiplay-BF9A0860 Display-BF9A0768 BF9A0828 BF9A0820 BF9A0816 BF9A0812 BF9A0808 BF9A0804 BF9A0796 BF9A0792 BF9A0780 BF9A0776 BF9A0756 BF9A0748 BF9A0744 BF9A0736 BF9A0732 BF9A0704 BF9A0692 BF9A0684 BF9A0680 BF9A0672 BF9A0668 BF9A0664 BF9A0660 BF9A0656 833-BF9A0696 758-BF9A0760 524-BF9A0720 434-BF9A0784 245-BF9A0712 136-BF9A0728 133-BF9A0688

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