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Rainy days (and days our truck gets cut in half) always get me down

| February 02, 2018

You heard right. The truck got cut in half. Doggone Bryan Martin’s crew over at 4 State Trucks in Joplin, Mo., went and cut our truck right in half.

(Of course we asked them to, they don’t generally make it a point to go around arbitrarily cutting people’s trucks in half. It’s bad for business, but you have to admit, it makes a catchy headline.)

We delivered the truck to Joplin about 10 days ago, for work George Parker wouldn’t even consider having anyone else do. Even knowing she was in the best possible place, he still whimpered a little when they sent the “sawed in half” pic.

“You okay, babe?”

“Yeah. I think so.”

“Ohmyfreakinlord. No.”

“I know, right? If she were anywhere else I’d think we made a terrible mistake.”

The shock of seeing someone cut into two pieces is the reason magicians have made a living off cutting people in half for decades. Inside knowledge (and hope) that everything is restored at the end of the trick is what comforts the audience enough to keep watching, even through the gruesome part.

As tough as it is to see the gruesome part, we know the “magicians” at 4 State will restore her to one piece again. Their reputation alone is enough to be confident about, but we had the unique opportunity to watch Bryan Martin do one of the things he does best – help us design a custom truck and set the minutiae of a build in motion. There isn’t one tiny detail that evades him. It was really amazing to watch ideas flow almost effortlessly into a solid plan, and even more amazing to see the plan take physical form, right on schedule.

Things are going to be a little different in 2018. We’re very happy to be involved with some pretty cool projects, and feel very fortunate to have the opportunities we do. The truck will be unveiled at MATS 2018, you can’t miss it – she’ll be parked right out front on the North patio. Come see the magic.

This just in: A pack of rats at MATS

For the first time ever, rat rods will have a coveted position in Lot J for the annual Paul K. Young (PKY )Truck Beauty Championship.

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