Latest updates for a longtime brakes-maintenance resource: The Air Brake Book

With Brake Safety Week starting Sunday, keep in mind this longtime resource when it comes to brakes maintenance, CVSA out-of-service criteria and more: Overdrive sister magazine CCJ‘s 10th edition of the “Air Brake Book,” released last year, added a number of updates, including perhaps most significantly new information on air disc brake market penetration and the things fleets should consider as they explore the newer brake technology. A new chapter on the important role that drivers play in developing comprehensive brake preventive maintenance practices, too, can benefit small fleet readers and owner-operators alike.

The book is available as a free download via this page on the CCJ website.

10th edition Air Brake Book from CCJA chapter rundown follows.

**Chapter 1: Air brake system anatomy | Understanding components to diagnose and repair complex brake problems.
**Chapter 2: Weighing the costs and benefits of air disc brakes | Despite maintenance and pad life advantages, price remains biggest hurdle to air disc brake adoption.
**Chapter 3: Defining the driver’s role in brake maintenance | The operator’s role in brake PM.
**Chapter 4: Step-by-step air brake inspection | How to design a PM program with thorough air brake inspection practices.
**Chapter 5: 2019 CVSA brake out-of-service criteria | Last year’s additions to the OOS criteria. For the latest on this year’s, follow this link.
**Chapter 6: Distinguishing the differences in automatic brake adjusters | Understand the differences in two options for today’s ABAs.
**Chapter 7: Selecting proper brake linings | Spec’ing is key to optimizing brake performance/maintenance costs.
**Chapter 8: Brake relining and restoration | Save money in the long run.
**Chapter 9: Troubleshooting brake imbalance | Critical for vehicle performance and safety over the road.