POLL: Should FMCSA be pursuing a speed-limiter mandate?

Updated May 7, 2022

The last time considerable numbers of Overdrive readers directly weighed in on a speed-limiter mandate coincided with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's last joint pursuit of a regulation with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2016. At that time, the agencies were weighing several speeds as possible maximum settings for truck owners, and Overdrive also included as answer options settings above the three (60, 65, and 68) put forward by the agencies: 70 mph, a common highway speed limit around the nation; 75 mph, the speed at which many commercial tires are rated; and 80 mph, among the highest speed limits in the United States. 

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Today, with FMCSA now signaling intent to pursue a mandate on motor carrier use of existing speed-limiting capability in electronically-controlled trucks, weigh in below via the poll and comments section on your view of the notion of a limiter-use mandate and potential speed settings that could arise: 


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